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Misha Design Ferrari 488 GTB Body Kit Is a Race Car If you happen to on a brand new Ferrari 488 GTB that needs customizing but don't want the Liberty Walk bolt-on look, you could do a lot worse than the Misha Design road racer. Except for the flashy carbon fiber skirts, this looks so good and so in line with the Ferrari design language that it should be offered from the factory. Misha's kit has the same je ne sais quoi as the Tour de France. Misha offers two body kits, one more extreme than the other. From the back, the view is reminiscent of the FXX K race car, but with the wing going all the way from one side to the other. The substantial carbon fiber air diffuser connects to the vertical fins on the edge of the bumper. Despite being big enough to be fisted, the two exhaust pipes are probably the last things you will notice. The side of the 488 is where things really get interesting because the widebody fenders are interrupted at the bottom by F1-like skirts. So it's easy to see how much girth has been added to the car. "Based on our 458 kit success we decided to go with similar design style but to make it even more aggressive and more adjusted to 488 front and rear body. Front is dominating with its F1 inspired nose and large double splitter carbon lip. Hood is matching aggressiveness of the bumper with its lager exposed carbon area in the middle," the tuner says in its statement. Meanwhile, the front has serious carbon fiber implants on the hood and at the bottom of the bumper. Mischa will only make 20 of these extreme supercars, but we think that's more than enough. The 488 Regular has three inches less width, a less exposed rear diffuser and a spoiler instead of the massive rear wing. Both kits completely replace several factory components and are easy to install using the existing mounting points. Misha has several partners, so you could fit everything from an aftermarket exhaust companies to the people who can hook you up with some really dark wheels or a wrap.

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